Mark Caruso

Mark Caruso is a career public servant, former NYPD officer and Sergeant in Florida's Department of Corrections, who will take no prisoners in his efforts to address rising crime, fix our water and restore public trust as the next Mayor of Winter Springs.

Meet Mark

I am running to be your Mayor because I want to build a stronger, healthier foundation for our children and community. I believe our City needs hardworking professionals with knowledge outside of politics, who can envision the future to help reshape priorities with practical and realistic solutions.

I grew up in Brooklyn/Queens, NY, the son of a Marine, where I enjoyed playing hockey throughout my childhood and adulthood as well as coaching. I was a boy scout in elementary and middle school until my family moved to Florida where I attended Oviedo High School. Shortly after moving back to NY in 1990, I began dating the woman who would become my wife and the mother of my two children. Joined the NYPD in 2003. Wanting a better life for our family we decided to move to Florida leaving behind my career.

I am currently a retired Sergeant from the Florida Department of Corrections. As a PBA Representative, I fought for higher quality working conditions, stronger protection for our officers reporting corruption as well as pay increases. Throughout my years in the Department of Corrections, I have reported many cases of corruption enduring ceaseless retaliation for exposing the truth. With this experience and my core values of determination, character, and commitment.

Winter Springs needs representation of shared core values and someone to fight for the things that truly matter to us. As I declare my candidacy for Mayor, I respectfully ask for your support and would be honored to represent the people of Winter Springs.

My Platform

Address Rising Crime

Winter Springs was once ranked the fourth safest city in Florida. Due to rising property and violent crime rates, we have fallen twelve spots down the rankings and are the sixteenth safest city. Our current Mayor has no plan to reverse this trend and has openly denied the problem exists. Having served as an NYPD officer with extensive professional experience in Florida's Criminal Justice system, I will fully support our law enforcement and give them the tools to get the job done. My goal is to address rising crime and make Winter Springs the safest city in Florida.

Fix Our Water

Bad water is a public safety concern. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) concluded an investigation into our wastewater system and issued historic fines against the city as part of a Consent Order. Our drinking water has contained TTHMs (Total Trihalomethanes), Coliform Bacteria and various color and corrosive issues, having failed various EPA tests in 7 of the last 8 reports. I believe that we should fire the Flint, Michigan water company who has been operating our water system, and consult state and local experts to develop a plan to give Winter Springs residents the safe, quality drinking water and wastewater system they deserve.

Restore Public Trust

The primary role of Winter Springs Mayor is to ensure residents' concerns are heard and treated with professionalism and respect. As I have been attending commission meetings, it is disheartening to see how concerned residents are disrespected. The current Mayor has failed to ensure transparency and responsive communication, to hold people responsible for our water system failures, and to develop solutions for our rising crime rates. This failure has caused the trust among residents in their local government to substantially erode. I promise to restore public trust by enforcing our charter, requiring all commissioners to treat residents respectfully, to be an independent voice not beholden to any special interest, and to think outside of the box toward solutions to our common problems.

Latest News

Nothing to see here yet, more news coming soon!

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1065 E State Road 434

Suite 195312

Winter Springs, FL 32719


(407) 201-9891

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